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Sign up with a DRN approved Provider and get access to over 250,000 assignments – assignments that only DRN can offer.

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Combine live hotlist notifications and historical data to recover more vehicles, faster.

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LPR Cameras

Buy license plate recognition (LPR) cameras to boost your revenue. No down payment required. Financing available.

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License Plate Recognition Data

Our license plate recognition data serves the auto recovery industry and delivers big results. DRN’s cameras capture more data than any other company nationwide. Here’s how it works. The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market in the world with over 250 million vehicles. Every car has a license plate and License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology captures the plate number, vehicle location, time and date. LPR capture simply automates a process that has been done manually for years – capturing publicly available information. We take that LPR data, plug it into our auto recovery solution for fast repossessions, and help lenders recover assets quickly and efficiently.

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DRN marks 2 new milestones in the company’s history: our live hotlist exceeded 315K LPR assignments & the asset value of vehicles recovered from our data exceeded $8 billion. Read more here:

Congrats Marissa Lariscy for the raffle win at the Primeritus Conf. Proceeds from the raffle were donated to Recovery Agents Benefit Fund.

Announcing new initiatives that puts our Affiliates first. Learn more here:

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Affiliates First in DRN’s New Initiatives

Earlier this year, I began the DRN Recovery blog to open a dialogue between DRN and our Affiliates. It was a medium for me to listen to all of your ideas and feedback on what you would like to see from us. After spending the last few months identifying and...

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