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Faster Car Repossession

DRN Affiliates rank among the most successful repo agents in the nation with increased recoveries, profit sharing and a book of assignments that continues to grow at a rate unmatched in the industry.

Getting Started:

The first step to becoming an Affiliate is to purchase your cameras. Once you have your cameras installed, you are ready to begin importing your hotlist of direct assignments from your clients.  You will also have immediate access to 12 months of DRN’s historical data that can aid in locating assets.

Driving for Auto Recoveries:

Now that you have hotlist and historical data, drive. As you are driving, the cameras will be scanning and doing a  license plate search. If you scan a car on your hotlist, you will get an alert.

Add a Provider and Gain Access to New Business

The fastest way to dramatically increase your assignments and recoveries is to get contracted with one of DRN’s approved Providers, also known as Forwarders. You will get instant access to all of the hotlists that the Provider is managing from multiple lenders. This massive hotlist is “beamed” down and includes an average of 120,000+ open assignments per month.

More Cameras Add Up to More Recoveries:
Adding more cameras can also help to increase your recovery rate. The more you scan, the more likely you are to gain more hits and recoveries.


As a DRN Affiliate you are automatically entered into the DRN Revenue Share program. An added bonus to being a DRN Affiliate, you are paid a monthly revenue share bonus.

DRN Affiliate Benefits:

  • Increased recoveries and profits
  • Access to the largest hotlist in the industry via providers, up to 120,000 assignments
  • New revenue streams – instant access to business you don’t have
  • Access to 12 months of historical data
  • Pop-up alerts when you pass a vehicle on the hotlist
  • Improved operating efficiencies
  • Decreased recovery costs
  • Easier, streamlined recovery
  • Increased return on investment
  • Revenue sharing
  1. Buy LPR Cameras
    • Access historical data
  2. Drive
    • Operate efficiently with pop-up alerts
  3. Add Provider
    • Access the largest hotlist