DRN is proud to announce that our Alpha and Beta Affiliate Testing Programs, of our new CarDetector Mobile, was a complete success! We’d first like to express our most sincere gratitude to those affiliates, whose participation in these programs, facilitating our ability for continuous software improvements!


General CDM Upgrade Information

DRN has established that our CDM Auto-Upgrade is required for ALL active affiliates. This free mandatory software upgrade applies to ALL DRN kits, associated to an active DRN Affiliate or Agency, currently running ANY preceding version of CDM and will automatically be distributed by DRN; applicable for Reaper, Condor and Raven systems.


What to Expect:

  • Camera Aiming Guide included in the Condor {version 5.8.1} and Raven {version 5.8.0} systems.
  • Increased plate capture capabilities for the Reaper system {version 6.1}.
  • An improvement has been made to CDM that will add several layers of added security.
  • By Late-January your drivers will see the Upgrade Notice below and will be required by February 29th.